We take a look inside 1NE Derbion store and love beautiful stock including ‘priceless’ Lorenzo trainers

The store on Level Two stocks eye-catching footwear, vintage sweatshirts and trainer candles

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Alex Mcleod and Daniel Bennett are founders of 1NE, a destination fashion store stocking authenticated pre-loved and deadstock pieces.

Their first store on Sadler Gate opened in April 2021.

This saw Alex and Dan flex their business muscles as they pursued their passion for sustainable ethical fashion whilst building a supportive community.

They successfully applied for the Hatch initiative designed to offer local businesses the opportunity to take their brand to the next level by opening a free-of-charge store within the centre for six weeks.

1NE’s Hatch competition win has seen them grow their fashion empire to include a store in Derbion shopping centre.

We had a peek into the new 1NE store and caught up with the dynamic duo who shared why sustainable fashion is part of the company ethos and why anyone serious about opening their own business should ‘just do it’.

With the opening of their second Derbion store, Dan and Alex have forged stellar relationships with the business community and are now role models for other young Derby entrepreneurs.

They say the basis of any good business is building good unshakeable foundations.

Alex said: “You have to do solid research so that you know your market inside out.”

Dan added: “Just go for it, don’t be scared and take that step.”

They may have two successful stores under their belts, but we wonder if those early days saw them experience nervousness?

Dan said: “Because there’s two of us, that massively helps.

“So if one of us gets nervous, the other gives a positive push, which works out well.

Alex added: “We’re a good team.”

1NE’s presence covers both ends of the city, from Sadler Gate to Derbion.

Reflecting on how they find Derby as a place to live and do business in, Dan said: “Derby is our hometown so it makes sense to do business here as well.

“We tend to know a lot of people in Derby as well, so that’s a boost.”

Their Hatch entry came about as they wanted to ‘take their company one step further’.

Dan said: “Having presence in a shopping centre was the next thing, so the Hatch initiative gave us the chance to do this.”

When we visited Derbion store at 10am on Wednesday, we found it to be one of the busiest in the shopping centre.

Dan and Alex are clearly doing all the right things to attract their target market and also those who may be curious about trainer culture, vintage finds, and the wider preloved garment industry.

Sustainability is part of 1NE’s brand ethos.

They offer customers a trainer care service, where they ‘bring old trainers back to life’.

Their Sadler Gate store also offers people to give their clothes and trainers ‘second-lease-of-life’ options.

Speaking about why people should care about recycled fashion, Dan said: “Every little bit helps, we give people options to celebrate their individuality and originality when they explore preloved items.”

One of the items in 1NE’s Derbion store is a pair of trainers, that are only one of six in the world.

You won’t ever have to worry about anyone else wearing the same pair if you were to slip on the eye-catching trainers.

They are dyed by a designer called Lorenzo Federici who is a celebrated designer known for his avant garde designs and custom sneaker fashion sense.

Alex said: “It’s a patented design, so it is only Lorenzo who can do this design, in the whole world.

“It’s almost priceless and the only size 10 in the whole world, making it a statement piece.”

Another item of interest is Nike Air Max 97/1.

This is a collaboration with Sean Wotherspoon, a celebrated designer whose experimental streetwear creations have given him the moniker of one of the leading original designers of his generation.

Trainers for this box have been signed by Sean, which makes the footwear even more rare and therefore extra covetable.

Its retail price is thought to be around £1.6k.

Here are some photos from the 1NE Derbion store that can be found on Level Two of Derbion, next door to Castle Fine Art Gallery.

For more information about 1NE visit their website here or follow them on social media by visiting their Facebook page here

Although this year’s entries have closed, you can find out more about Derbion Hatch here.

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