Ninja summer sale event: Here's how to save £250 on an electric barbecue bundle that's selling fast

Ninja's Woodfire Barbecue is the perfect outdoor cooking applianceNinja's Woodfire Barbecue is the perfect outdoor cooking appliance
Ninja's Woodfire Barbecue is the perfect outdoor cooking appliance | Ninja

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Consumer technology writer Gareth Butterfield explains why Ninja’s summer sale is the perfect opportunity to invest in outdoor cooking kit

Summer sales can be hit and miss. Some items get a reasonable discount, some just get a few quid knocked off, some of the more in-demand ones don't get any savings at all.

So we were quite surprised to see Ninja's Woodfire Electric Barbecue Grill and Smoker included in the brand's summer sale with such a hefty discount.

Normally the OG701UK barbecue, one of the best on the market, costs £349 - but if you're quick, you'll snap one up for just £249.

It's a saving, then, of £100. And that's not the best bit. At the moment, Ninja is throwing in some freebies. Subject to availability, and they are selling fast, you'll get a free cover and stand. The bundle normally costs £499.97, so it’s a saving of nearly £250.


This is the perfect outdoor cooking setup. Providing you're ready to make the switch to an electric barbecue, we can't think of a better product or deal to go for.

The Ninja Woodfire is one of our favourite outdoor barbecues for good reason. It's not just a barbecue, it works as a complete grill system indoors and outdoors. It even doubles as an air fryer. Yes, that's right, an outdoor air fryer.

The obvious advantage of going electric is you no longer have to mess about with gas bottles, and there's no wait for the coals to warm up.

Better still, if it starts raining, you just move the grill under cover, even indoors. And the party can continue.

In case you're worried that an electric grill would lose that characteristic smoky flavour, fear not. Ninja also throws in a Woodfire Pellet starter pack, which bundles up a pellet scoop, crisper basket & chef-created recipe guide. Adding smoky flavours to your food with pellets is a fun journey even on a gas barbecue. If you've never tried it, you must.

Ninja says its 28cm x 37cm grill plate is big enough for eight burgers, 16 sausages or two whole racks of ribs, and its array of functions even includes air frying.

Other deals we've spotted on the Ninja website that piqued our interest was £100 off the Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven, which is aimed more at making pizzas, and £100 off the Foodi MAX 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker which is a pressure cooker that doubles as an air fryer.