The 7 wonderful images of Derby's future as predicted by artificial intelligence

The human race is obsessed with predicting the future - and usually it's not the future we want

What will Derby look like in 100 years' time, or even 2000 years? these are the questions we wanted to know the answers to - so we asked an AI art generator to predict our city's future.

In the last year artificial intelligence tools have exploded in popularity following the equally impressive and worrying performance of ChatGPT, which highlighted just how far AI has come in recent years.

Now we have websites like NightCafe,, and ChatGBT at our finger tips, that allow us to harness the power of this new and exciting technology.

For this article we visited the NightCafe AI art generator app to find out how accurately it could depict Derby in a variety of futures. To achieve this we gave the AI a number of text prompts to work from - here are the interesting results.

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